Carnelian For Sacral Chakra Healing

The Sacral Chakra is located at the base of the spine and it’s known as the center of creativity, self-expression, sexuality and emotional balance. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you will feel confident in your life and be able to connect with others on an intimate level.

Carnelian is a powerful crystal for sacral chakra healing.
Rose quartz can be paired with Carnelian for even greater benefits for sacral chakra balancing.
Carnelian and other crystals can be used to treat anxiety-related issues.
Specific yoga poses, such as Pigeon pose and Goddess pose, can help balance the sacral chakra.
Common signs of an imbalanced sacral chakra include low libido, lack of creativity, and feelings of guilt or shame.

Wear Gray Or Black Clothing

Wear gray or black clothing.

Gray and black are the best colors to wear. Black is a great color to wear, but gray is also good. In fact, both of them are great colors to wear.

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Balance Your Sacral Chakra With Essential Oils.

The sacral chakra is the second major energy center in your body, located just below your belly button. It’s connected to issues related to sexuality and creativity, as well as our ability to receive love from others.

This chakra can be out of balance if you’re feeling disconnected from yourself or if you lack confidence in your own ability to succeed. If this sounds like you, try using essential oils on your sacral chakra—the citrus fruits listed above are some of the best essential oils for balancing this area of your body!

Carnelian Meaning – Healing Properties & Everyday Use

Use Healing Stones To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

If you’re looking for ways to balance your Sacral Chakra, you might want to try using a healing stone that corresponds with its color. For example, if your Sacral Chakra is in need of some TLC, try using a red stone or an orange one. You can also use brown stones for this chakra as well!

But what if you don’t know which stone corresponds with your element? Or maybe even your astrological sign? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together this handy guide below that’ll help you figure out which stone(s) will work best for healing each chakra:

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Do The Sacral Chakra Exercise

  • Sit with your legs out in front of you, knees bent and feet on the floor.
  • Place your hands on the sacral chakra at the base of your spine, between the tailbone and pubic bone.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax into this position.
  • Visualize a red light glowing from inside this chakra, warming you up from head to toe. As you breathe in and out, imagine feeling more energy flowing through this chakra with each breath until it feels like a bright red ball of warmth that radiates from within as well as around it.

Listen To Soothing Music

Listening to soothing music can be a powerful healing tool. Music has the ability to calm and relax you, especially when it’s matched with your mood.

If you are feeling stressed, angry or anxious, listen to music that makes you feel good. You will find that playing relaxing music does wonders for your mind and body. It has been proven that listening to certain types of music can reduce blood pressure and relieve pain by increasing endorphins in the brain.

Meditate With The Sound Of Water Or Rain Falling

You can use the sound of water or rain falling for this type of meditation. You can use a waterfall, running water, or a rain stick. The sound of water is soothing and can help you relax.

Relaxing music can be used in place of water sounds if necessary.

Drink A Glass Of Hot Water

To start the day, you can drink a glass of hot water. Hot water helps you relax and is good for digestion. It also helps with weight loss, skin health, and muscle recovery.

Burn A Candle Infused With A Sacral Chakra Stone

There are many ways to help your sacral chakra heal.

Choose a candle that has been infused with a sacral chakra stone, such as carnelian. Carnelian is associated with the color red and can be used to help you strengthen your will power and make decisions more easily.

Light the candle while meditating on your sacral chakra and visualize it healing. You may also want to focus on what it feels like when you’re healthy in this area of your body, or think about something that makes you feel good about yourself (like taking time for yourself).

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Follow A Pilates Workout Routine Or Yoga Poses For Sacral Chakra Healing

Pilates and yoga are two great ways to practice your sacral chakra healing. Both of these workouts will help you strengthen your core muscles, which are important for emotional balance. 

Pilates is a great way to build strength and flexibility in the body, while yoga helps you focus on breathing and how it can be used to relax you.

Use Color Therapy To Heal Your Sacral Chakra

Using color therapy to heal your Sacral Chakra can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Meditation using the color red, orange or yellow
  • Using crystals like Carnelian or Citrine that contain the energies of Red and Orange
  • Candles (red, orange or yellow)
  • Meditating on sunsets and sunrises as they are very healing for this chakra

Use Aromatherapy For The Sacral Chakra

Aromatherapy is a great way to balance your sacral chakra. The following are some of the most effective essential oils for cleansing, healing and balancing this area:

  • Rose oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Jasmine flower oil

Freeze Colored Water And Make Ice Cubes For Your Drinks

Using food coloring or food dyes, you can make colored water for your drinks. Freeze the colored water in ice cube trays and use a straw to drink from them. You may also want to use glassware that is clear so you can see the different colors as they melt into your drink!

If you prefer to paint directly onto the cubes: Use regular drinking glasses that are clear so you can see how much of each color has dissolved into your drink!

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Using These Tips Will Help You Heal Your Second Chakra

The sacral chakra is considered the second chakra, and it regulates our sense of pleasure, sensuality and intimacy. When this chakra is out of balance, you may feel disconnected from others or incapable of expressing yourself in a loving way. You might have difficulty with forming relationships—whether romantic or otherwise and become overly sensitive to criticism.

To heal your sacral chakra:

Spend time alone in nature. Connecting with nature can help you connect better with yourself, allowing you to find peace within yourself and radical acceptance of who you are at the moment. 

Being alone with nature also helps bring clarity by helping to still your mind so that your intuition can come forward easily without being blocked by excessive thinking patterns or worry about how others perceive us based on what we say or do (which is why many people find comfort in journaling).


We hope you enjoyed these tips to help you heal your Sacral Chakra. It can be very beneficial to know what triggers your sacral chakra imbalances, so that you can take care of yourself in those situations. 

We also encourage you to try out different methods of healing your Sacral Chakra and see which ones work best for you!

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What is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is an energy center located in the lower abdomen that is associated with creativity, pleasure, and emotions.

What are some signs of an imbalanced sacral chakra?

Some common signs of an imbalanced sacral chakra include low libido, lack of creativity, and feelings of guilt or shame.

What are some sacral chakra crystals?

Some popular sacral chakra crystals include Carnelian, Orange Calcite, and Citrine.

How can I use sacral chakra stones?

You can use sacral chakra stones by carrying them with you, meditating with them, or placing them on or near the sacral chakra during energy healing sessions.

Can yoga help balance the sacral chakra?

Yes, yoga can be a powerful tool for balancing the sacral chakra. Specific yoga poses, such as Pigeon pose and Goddess pose, can help open up and energize the sacral chakra.