Crystalline Healing For Spiritual Awakening

Crystals are powerful tools for healing and spiritual awakening. If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time learning about crystals and the various ways you can use them for personal growth and spiritual advancement. 

But what if I told you that there’s a way to use crystals to enhance your spiritual journey? Well, it’s true! 

Crystals can be used as a tool for spiritual awakening.
Meditation can help you connect with your crystals on a deeper level.
Mindfulness and positive mental health are essential for spiritual awakening.
Choosing the right crystals involves focusing on your intentions and tuning into your intuition.
Crystals can be used for healing in a variety of ways, including energy healing and meditation.

Crystals have been used as tools for spiritual progress since ancient times, but modern science is only now catching up with the power these beautiful stones have over our lives.

Crystalline Healing for Spiritual Awakening

Crystalline healing is a method of energy healing that uses crystals to help you connect with your higher self and the universe. Crystals can be used to enhance your chakra system, stimulate a connection to your higher self, and even promote spiritual awakening.

Crystals are very powerful substances that have been used by humans since ancient times. In fact, many people believe that some of these stones have psychic or energetic capabilities that we don’t yet fully understand. 

Some scientists think that it might take another century before we fully grasp their mysteries, but others aren’t so sure—and either way it doesn’t really matter! 

The important thing is that crystals work for many different purposes: healing wounds through energy (like chakra balancing), promoting emotional well-being (like meditation), connecting with loved ones who have passed away (like mediumship).

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1. Find a stone that resonates with you

To start, find a stone that resonates with you. It can be any size from palm-sized to the size of your head, but it needs to feel good in your hands and speak to your heart.

The next step is to figure out what type of stone you’d like to work with: color, shape or texture. You might want one that has all three qualities a pyrite crystal cluster in which the stones are small enough for the eye but large enough for the hand; a piece of labradorite with lovely striations and shimmering layers; or an Amazonite cabochon that reminds you of a peacock feather. The possibilities are endless!


If we have learned anything from our many years as practicing healers, it’s this: Each crystal energy is different and each person on Earth has their own unique way they receive healing energy from crystals. Some say they get more benefit from holding them in their hands while others prefer wearing them on jewelry (such as necklaces) or even placing them under pillows at night when sleeping so that the healing properties can permeate deeper into their bodies through the night while resting peacefully.

“Mindfulness is key to spiritual awakening, and crystals can help enhance the practice. Discover the ways in which you can use crystals for mindfulness in our guide on the power of crystals for enhancing mindfulness.”

2. Cleanse your stone(s)

To cleanse your crystal regularly, you can use sage smudge sticks, crystal cleansing sprays and cloths, or salt water. 

One of the best ways to cleanse your stones is with a moonstone bowl. When you put your crystal in the bowl of still water (or a few drops of essential oil), it will absorb negative energy from surrounding crystals and places. 

This process can take several hours so leave it overnight if possible. There are many benefits to cleansing crystals regularly:

  • It helps them look beautiful
  • It brings positive energy into your life
  • Cleansing is essential when charging new crystals

3. Ask to channel the energy of the stones

If you are not sure what to say, try something like this: “I ask that the stones help me connect with my higher self and find my path in life. 

I ask that they teach me to trust myself more and know my worth. I ask them to heal my body, mind and soul so that I may live a happy and fulfilling life.”

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4. Wrap your stones in a cloth and create a grid

To create your grid, you’ll want to use a cloth that you love and find meaningful. You can also use any fabric that reflects what you want to manifest in your life. 

If you are looking for more money, create a square cloth with four corners and place the stones in each of those corners. 

If your goal is health and wellness, try making a star shape out of the fabric with your crystals placed at each point where the rays meet (or along one edge).

Once you have chosen the shape for your crystal grid and have laid out your stones on top of it, fold over all four sides of the material so that it becomes one piece again—this will allow for easy placement when setting up by candlelight later on!

5. Work with the stones to enhance your chakra system

The chakra system is a complex network of energy centers in our body that work to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Crystals can be used to enhance the chakra system, allowing you to balance your body as well as your life.

In order to use crystals for balancing the chakras:

A good starting point is sitting down with each stone individually and meditating on it for several minutes. 

Think about how you feel when holding the stone, then think about how you would like to feel if that crystal were in your pocket or on your nightstand at night before bedtime (e.g., more grounded or relaxed).

You can also combine stones together in a pouch or bag when they complement each other well this will enhance their effects even further!

After meditating with each individual crystal, hold them within easy reach while doing yoga poses (standing postures are best) that activate certain parts of your body related to those chakras (for example: mountain pose activates earth element). 

Holding one or two crystals while doing these poses will allow them time through direct contact with your skin where they come into contact with meridians along which prana flows throughout our bodiesthis helps harmonize energy within specific parts of our being such as mind/body/spirit processes along neural pathways leading from our central nervous system outwards towards peripheral organs like eyesight.”

“Positive mental health is key to achieving spiritual awakening, and crystals can be used to promote it. Our guide on using crystals to promote positive mental health can offer tips and techniques to help you improve your mental state.”

6. Stimulate a connection to your higher self

As you get deeper into crystal healing and spiritual awakening, you may find yourself wanting to connect with your higher self. Crystals are a great way to achieve this. 

As you become more attuned with your crystals and their energies, they will help guide you in connecting with the divine creator within yourself. 

To do this simply place one or two crystals on or around your third eye area and meditate on them as they vibrate at their highest frequencies. Feel the chakras open up as well as any other areas associated with psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy.

Rose Quartz – This stone is linked closely to the heart chakra which allows for unconditional love from oneself and others.

Amethyst – This stone is associated closely by many people who use it for meditation because it allows them to feel more peaceful when doing so.

7. Allow the stone(s) to offer you insights and guidance

Crystals have the ability to offer insights and guidance, as well as help you develop your intuition. They can help you connect with your higher self, which is an important part of developing spiritual enlightenment.

The best way to do this is by meditating with a crystal on a regular basis. You will be able to feel when something comes through from the stone, and then translate that feeling into words or pictures in your mind’s eye.

8. Go into meditation with your stone(s)

Meditation is a great way to access your inner self and connect with the stone(s). When you’re ready, get yourself into a comfortable position. Sit on the floor or lay down, whatever feels right for you.

This next part can be done in any position: hold your crystal in both hands, or place it on your heart chakra (the center of your chest at about sternum level). Visualize what kind of healing you want from this stone.

Now imagine that as you breathe deep and slow, that energy is going into your crystal and moving through every cell in every organ of your body until there’s nothing left but health.

Take another deep breath if necessary; remember to keep breathing throughout this process! After a minute or two has passed, bring the crystal back up to eye level again—it’s time now for visualization exercise number two: visualizing something wonderful happening in life right now. 

Think about what could happen differently than how things are currently going…and then visualize it happening!

9. Facilitate a healing session

Crystals can be used to facilitate healing sessions and channel energy in a variety of ways. They can help you connect with your higher self, find your true purpose in life, and more. 

Even if you’re not a healer yourself, crystals can still help out by helping you connect with others who are interested in this kind of work!

10. Incorporate the stones into your beauty regimen

  • Use gemstones to enhance your beauty routine. You can use crystals in your hair, skin care, makeup and bath rituals!
  • Let the properties of each stone guide you as you experiment with different ways of incorporating them into your daily routine.
  • Stones are filled with energy—energy that’s been stored up over time! So be mindful about how much time you spend handling each crystal/stone before putting it away again (or before putting it on).

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11. Acquire more stones!

As you become more familiar with your crystals and their energies, you will likely find that you want to expand your collection of stones. This is a natural reaction to the energy of the crystals! 

Here are some tips on where to look for them:

Look on Etsy and other online shops that specialize in crystals. You can also search for local crystal shops or bead stores in your area. Many people sell their own crystal collections so make sure they’re reputable sellers who have worked with these stones before (it’s better if they know exactly what each stone does).

Go rock hunting! There are lots of places across the country where one can dig for crystals and even though it may seem like an old-fashioned activity at first glance, it’s actually quite fun! 

Don’t be afraid if you don’t find any good ones; this is just another way for you to connect with nature by communing with its elements before using them as tools during meditation sessions.

12. Connect with other crystal lovers for support and inspiration!

There are many forums on the internet dedicated to discussing crystals and their uses, from crystal healing and energetic properties to physical healing and metaphysical applications.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how to use crystalline healing for spiritual awakening. The most important thing is to remember that it’s not a one-time experience; you will have many opportunities throughout your life to connect with the power of crystals. 

As long as you remember their importance and keep them close by, they will help guide and protect you on your journey.

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What are the best crystals for spiritual awakening?

Some of the best crystals for spiritual awakening include clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, and moldavite. However, it’s important to choose crystals that resonate with you personally.

How do I choose the right crystals for myself?

Choosing the right crystals for yourself involves focusing on your intentions and the properties of the crystals. You can research the different properties of crystals and tune into your intuition to choose the crystals that feel right for you.

How do I use crystals for healing?

There are many ways to use crystals for healing, including wearing them as jewelry, meditating with them, placing them on different parts of your body, and using them in energy healing practices such as Reiki.

How do crystals enhance mindfulness?

Crystals can enhance mindfulness by providing a tangible object to bring your attention back to the present moment. By focusing on the properties of the crystal and its energy, you can deepen your mindfulness practice and increase your awareness.

Can anyone use crystals for healing and spiritual awakening?

Yes, anyone can use crystals for healing and spiritual awakening. There are no specific requirements or beliefs necessary to use crystals, as their energy and properties can benefit anyone who uses them.