Manifesting Success With Crystalline Energy

Crystals are powerful tools for manifesting success. Crystals can help you to reach your goals, attract abundance and prosperity, heal physical and emotional issues, and increase positive energy in your life. 

When used in combination with other activities and techniques that support your intention, crystals will act as a catalyst for manifestation.

Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into reality through the power of intention and visualization.
Crystals can help to amplify your intentions and support your manifestation efforts.
Clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, and black tourmaline are some of the best crystals for manifestation.
To use crystals for manifestation, you can carry them with you, meditate with them, place them in your environment, or create a crystal grid.
Belief in the power of crystals is not required, but having an open and receptive mindset can enhance their effectiveness.

In this guide, we’ll outline how you can use crystalline energy to manifest your dreams into reality. 

We’ll start with setting an intention then move on through different ways of working with crystals physically or spiritually until we arrive at creating a crystal altar that is specifically designed for manifesting success.

Setting your intention

Write down your intention.

Find the right crystal, then put it on your intention and leave it there for at least 20 minutes.

Focus on what you want to manifest in life – for example, if you have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business, keep that goal in mind as you meditate with the intention stone/crystal.

Make sure you focus solely on this intention during meditation because that’s where all energy is directed once entering into a meditative state; however, if something else comes up during meditation (such as troubling thoughts or emotions), don’t worry about it! 

Often times these experiences are just manifestations from our subconscious mind telling us what we need to work through within ourselves so we can move forward toward our goal(s).

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Laying out your crystals

In order to get the most out of your crystals, you’ll want to make sure that you’re setting up a proper environment for them. 

Crystals are used to amplify energy, so it’s important that they have an outlet for this energy. For example:

If you want your crystals to work with you in group settings, such as a yoga class or meditation session, place them on an altar in the center of the room where everyone can see them.

If your goal is personal growth and betterment of self, set up an altar dedicated specifically for your own use at home—either in a special room or even just on top of some bookshelf space near where you sit everyday (don’t forget about those window seats!). 

Keep all of your tools here: stones and oils; incense; prayer book or journal; candles; jewelry…whatever makes sense!

If potential clients visit your home office space and would like something more visual than just words on paper when they’re deciding whether they’d like their wedding photos taken by someone like yourself, try displaying some crystals outside among other decor pieces such as art prints or inspirational quotes written in pretty frames hanging from the walls above desks.

Sound healing

Sound healing is a form of energy work that uses the power of sound to heal. Sound healing can help with physical, mental and emotional issues by bringing about changes at a cellular level. Sound healing can be used for self-healing or to assist others. 

There are many different types of sound healing techniques; each has its own unique set of benefits and outcomes. You may wish to try a few different techniques in order to find what works best for you on any given day.

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Working with crystal grids

To create a grid, you will need crystals that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can use any number of crystals just make sure they are similar in size and shape. Once you have gathered these pieces together, place them on your altar or workspace in a way that feels right for you. 

Then sit down with the crystal grid and focus on filling it with positive energy. When finished, take some time to meditate or just be still with yourself: do not judge whatever comes up! 

Allow yourself an experience without any expectations or judgments about what should happen next; this is how we open ourselves up for change!

Using a group energy meditation

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for the process, why not give it a try? Call for a group energy meditation. Set a time and place (if you like), and explain what you want to achieve during the session. It’s easy enough to do this by email or text messaging if there’s no need for an in-person meeting.

Ask everyone involved whether they have any intentions they’d like to share with everyone else at the gathering. 

When everyone has shared their intentions, ask them all how they intend to apply these new skills in their lives going forward—and then let them know your own thoughts on how it might fit into your daily life as well!

Tuning into the moon cycles

The moon plays an important role in this process, and it’s essential that you tune into its cycles in order to manifest success. The moon emits a subtle energy that can be used to bring about change, including success and achieving your dreams.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when the moon is waxing (the period before it becomes full), this is the best time for manifesting dreams. 

This period lasts approximately 13 days—from the first day of a new moon until it becomes full. During this time, positive things will happen quickly, such as getting hired for a job or receiving good grades on an exam.

However, if you aren’t careful with what you’re attracting into your life during these days, negative outcomes could arise from them as well!

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Creating a crystal altar

It’s important to keep your crystal altar clean, tidy and free of dust. To do this, you can use a white cotton cloth or a lint roller to keep it looking pristine.

If possible, store your crystals in an area where they are protected from the elements (and heat). 

For example, if you live in an extremely hot climate or frequently use a heater or air conditioner near them then find somewhere else to keep them until wintertime arrives again.

Make sure that any children who may be around your crystal altar understand that these beautiful stones are not toys and should not be touched without permission first.

Calling upon angelic assistance

Calling upon angelic assistance is one of the most powerful ways to manifest your desires. Angels are beings of light that have been created by God, and they have a vested interest in helping us achieve our full potential and live happy, joyful lives. Angels can inspire you to be more creative, give you advice on what steps to take next, remove obstacles from your path and much more.

The first step in calling upon angelic help is to feel gratitude for what you already have in your life. This creates an energetic vibration that attracts more positive energy into your life! 

You can then ask angels for their assistance with any specific needs or goals by saying something like “I call upon my guardian angels now” or “I’ve asked for this before, but I still need help so please send someone who can assist me.” 

The best way to tell if an angel has helped you is by paying attention to coincidences that seem too good-to-be-true (and are!).

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Healing with crystals in water

Crystals in water are a great way to cleanse and heal, whether you want to do it for yourself or someone else. If you’re using them to heal yourself, place the crystals in your sink or bathtub full of warm water. 

You can also put them on top of your refrigerator for an at-home healing session! The purpose of this practice is not only to remove negative energy from our bodies but also to send positive vibes into our consciousness so that we can manifest what we want more easily.

When I use this method with my clients, I like to have them think about the intention they want their crystal energy to represent before putting them in water. 

It’s always helpful if they share this intention aloud with me before they go into their healing time so that I can fully understand what they’re trying to achieve with their body/mind/spirit connection. 

Then, as soon as possible after taking out these stones from their soak cycle (usually between 10-30 minutes), we will sit together and discuss how they feel while holding each stone one by one while focusing on its particular qualities or properties (eg., “this stone has been treated with rose quartz”)

until I feel confident enought hat my client understands how best use each one for herself without requiring further explanation from me about how best utilize each specific type of stone available within my care…

Using smudging to clear and cleanse

Smudging is a Native American practice. It’s a way to cleanse and clear negative energy, clear your mind, connect with the earth, and bring light into your life. 

All you need is a smudge stick a bundle of herbs and plants tied together to create smoke and some matches to light it up.

The process involves burning the smudge stick while you walk around your home or office while thinking about what it is that you wish to have cleared from your space (or from within yourself). This may include anything from negative emotions like anger or fear; harmful thoughts that can cause stress in our lives; or even physical objects like clutter in an otherwise organized space. 

The idea behind using smudge sticks for this purpose is that burning these herbs cleanses their properties onto the things they touch including us!

Because crystals contain natural energies as well as minerals extracted from earth’s core by water over millions of years, it makes sense why people would use them for this purpose too!

Keeping a journal of your experiences

When you are first starting out, it’s important to keep a record of what you are doing and how the results are coming along. 

Keeping a journal will help you remember how long it took for things to manifest, what methods worked best for you, and other information that can help guide your future manifestations.

It’s also important to write down everything that comes into your mind that is related to what you’re trying to achieve both good and bad thoughts or feelings about it because these may be signs from the universe about what is ahead for you if this goal is meant for your life. 

This can often be difficult because our minds have been trained not to do this due to negative conditioning about being overwhelmed by too much thinking at once. But trust me when I say: writing down even just one sentence per day will have an extremely powerful effect on helping manifest success in life! 

And when we do write things down regularly over time (ideally every day), eventually we start seeing patterns emerge from all those pieces of paper which leads us towards fulfilling our desires more quickly than ever before now thanks!

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Making time for meditation

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and get in touch with your inner self. It can help you find peace, balance, and happiness even when the world seems chaotic around you.

Meditation is also a simple and effective way to focus your energy on what it is you want in life. The more energy you put into something, the more likely it will come true!

Manifesting Success With Crystalline Energy

To manifest success with crystal energy, you must first set your intention. What do you want to manifest? How will it change your life? Once you are clear on what it is that you want to draw into your life, choose a few crystals that represent those qualities and place them on your altar. Take some time to light a candle and meditate over the crystals. This can be done alone or with others.

If you are working with others in a group energy meditation, get together with people who have similar intentions to yours. This way all of the participants’ energies will blend together harmoniously and create an even stronger force for manifestation than just one person working alone would achieve alone.

You can also work with crystal grids as well! Depending on where each person places their crystals within the grid layout and how many people are involved in setting up the grid can all affect how powerful it will end up being for its purpose (manifesting success).


So, if you’ve been looking for a way to manifest success in your life and career, I hope this article has helped you understand how crystals can help. If you are wondering where to start, I would suggest starting with meditation or sound healing. 

They are both very easy practices that anyone can do at home without any special equipment or training. These forms of energy work will help clear your mind so that it is ready for new ideas!

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What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into reality through the power of intention and visualization.

How can crystals help with manifestation?

Crystals are believed to have their own unique energies and vibrations that can amplify your intentions and support your manifestation efforts.

What are some of the best crystals for manifestation?

Some of the most popular crystals for manifestation include clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, and black tourmaline.

How do I use crystals for manifestation?

There are many ways to use crystals for manifestation, including carrying them with you, meditating with them, placing them in your environment, and creating crystal grids.

Do I need to believe in the power of crystals for them to work?

While belief in the power of crystals is not required, having an open and receptive mindset can enhance their effectiveness.