Crystalline Healing For Attracting Financial Abundance

There are many ways to attract financial abundance, but crystal healing is one of the most powerful. It can help you manifest your goals and dreams in a very real way by using the energy of crystals to draw financial abundance towards you.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best crystals for attracting wealth and provide information on how to use them. We’ll also discuss what makes these particular stones so effective at this purpose and how you can use them for other types of healing as well!

Crystals can be a powerful tool for attracting money and wealth.
There are various crystals that can help support financial abundance, including citrine, pyrite, and green aventurine.
To use crystals for money manifestation, you can carry them with you, wear crystal jewelry or create an altar.
Crystals work best when used as part of a holistic approach to manifesting financial success.
The frequency of use for crystals in money manifestation is up to personal preference.


Citrine is a wonderful stone for attracting financial abundance. It is associated with the sun, and therefore it has an energy that promotes creativity, confidence and optimism. 

Citrine also has a strong connection to gold, which makes it a good choice for people who want to attract money in general.

If you want to use this stone in your healing practice or as part of your daily ritual, there are several ways you can use it:

Carry citrine on you so that its energy can be transmitted into your body when you touch the stone. You can also place citrine stones in strategic locations where they will receive enough light (but not too much) throughout the day.

Place citrine crystals around objects that have special meaning for you—these could be anything from photographs of loved ones to mementos from past vacations—to help enhance their vibes and keep them healthy while they’re being stored away in boxes or drawers!

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Chrysoprase is a stone of abundance and prosperity. It helps to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance to you. Chrysoprase is associated with the heart chakra and the element of water.

Chrysoprase can aid in healing emotional trauma by bringing forth feelings of compassion and unconditional love for yourself or others who may be hurting. 

Chrysoprase also increases one’s ability to communicate feelings effectively so that people understand each other better as well as themselves!

The following crystals are known as “prosperity stones”:

Choosing Crystals for Attracting Wealth & Prosperity – YouTube

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity and abundance. It can help you attract wealth and prosperity, as well as accelerate your ability to manifest what you desire. 

Green Aventurine will also help you feel more confident in your own abilities to bring about change in your life. Its energy encourages us to take chances and seek out new opportunities that may be just around the corner.

The green in this crystal represents renewal and growth, while its translucent nature allows light to pass through it with ease which gives this stone its healing properties! 

This combination results in an energetic vibration that promotes self-confidence, motivation, creativity and generosity (among other things). 

It can also aid in the formation of new relationships or business ventures without fear holding us back from reaching out for what we want most. 

The good news here is that whatever type of success you’re seeking won’t cost anything but it will require some effort on your part first before seeing results come forth!

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Green Jade

Green Jade is a powerful stone and it will help you attract money. It is also very good for fertility, physical healing, emotional healing and helps with meditation.

This crystal has been used to help the body heal itself through its energy work. If you are looking to strengthen your energy flow then this is the crystal for you!

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal, especially for the heart and throat chakras. It is an excellent crystal for balancing the yin and yang energies of the body.

It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, and can help to bring prosperity into your life. Green Tourmaline carries with it the energy of springtime renewal, so it will help you to see things in a new light when you’re struggling through something challenging in your life. 

In addition to its metaphysical properties, this beautiful stone is also often used by jewelers because of its vibrant green color!

Moss Agate

A stone of protection, Moss Agate can help you to feel secure in the world. It is also a stone of abundance and prosperity, so if you are feeling nervous about financial matters, Moss Agate may be the crystal for you. 

This lovely crystal’s energy can help to ground you in nature so that your connection with Mother Earth is stronger than ever before.

With its protective qualities, this beautiful stone will provide a calming effect on those who wear it or carry it around with them. 

The grounding effects that this crystal provides are excellent for people who are prone to anxiety attacks or panic attacks; they can allow these individuals to feel more at ease while they go through their daily lives without being bothered by what others think of them or how they look when they walk down the street!

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Peridot is a stone of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. It is said to bring the wearer success in business, career and relationships. Peridot also helps bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

Peridot can be used to attract money into your life. You can place it on or near you when you work with intention for this purpose.


Prehnite is a stone of balance and harmony. It creates an energy that allows you to access the true you, helping you to recognize your own truth and allowing you to experience peace with yourself. 

Prehnite also helps in forgiveness, so if there are people or situations in your life that are holding you back from being financially abundant, it will help release those negative energies and allow them to dissolve.

Prehnite is known as a stone of prosperity because it attracts abundance into your life at all levels: physical, emotional/mental and spiritual. 


Pyrite is a stone of prosperity and abundance. It is also a stone of good luck, money and financial success. 

This mineral has been used in jewelry for thousands of years as an ornamental stone and talisman for attracting wealth and prosperity. 

Pyrite can be found in many different locations around the world but it’s name comes from Greek meaning “fire”. The word pyrite comes from the Greek word pur which means fire or lightning strike because of its bright luster caused by tiny crystals within when polished back to its natural orange color. 

Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold due to its appearance similar to gold, however unlike gold that can cost several thousand dollars per ounce, pyrite is very affordable making it easy for everyone who wants their own piece!

Pyrite can help you attract more money into your life through releasing any blocks preventing this flow of wealth such as fear based thoughts or negative beliefs surrounding money matters; it will help clear these obstacles so that positive energy flows freely throughout all aspects related with money flowing into your life effortlessly without effort on your part except being aware of what you want most!

Pyrites physical properties include: Being highly protective against harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by electronics such as cell phones/cables etc… This makes them perfect stones for those who spend long periods working near computers every day!

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of romance. It helps you to attract a loving relationship, and can be used to help heal past heartbreak. 

Rose Quartz is also known as the stone of unconditional love, so if you’re looking for self-love or love for someone else (or both), this crystal may be just what you need!

Rose Quartz is also great for healing your heart chakra, which deals with your emotions and self-love. 

If there’s something in your life that has been holding back your happiness and keeping you from experiencing true joy and abundance, then rose quartz may be able to help clear out any negative energies so they won’t get in the way of attracting good things into your life.


Selenite is a very good stone to use for healing and protection. Selenite can help to clear and open the chakras, as well as being a powerful energy cleanser. 

Selenite will also help you to connect with your guides, angels, spirit guides etc., so that they can assist you in the process of attracting money into your life.

Selenite does have an effect on other crystals it comes into contact with, so clear crystals may take on new properties when placed next to selenite. 

You might also find that selenites own energy changes after being in close proximity to other stones such as quartz crystal or amethyst for extended periods of time.


Turquoise is a stone of protection and good fortune. It is a stone of the water element and is associated with the throat chakra. It is said to bring prosperity and good luck to the wearer.

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Crystal healing is a wonderful way to help move your life forward and attract financial abundance.

Crystals are powerful because they can give us insight into what’s going on inside of us on a deep level that we may not be able to see otherwise. 

By paying attention to how our bodies react with certain stones, we can begin to understand what needs changing in order for us to reach our goals.

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What are the best crystals for attracting money?

Some of the best crystals for attracting money include citrine, pyrite, green aventurine, tiger’s eye, and jade. Each of these stones can help support manifesting wealth and abundance.

How do I use crystals to attract money?

There are different ways to use crystals to attract money, including carrying them with you, placing them in your home or office, wearing crystal jewelry, creating crystal grids or altars, and meditating with them.

Can crystals really help me manifest money?

While there is no guarantee that using crystals will result in instant wealth, many people believe that they can be a powerful tool for attracting prosperity and abundance. When used alongside other manifestation practices, crystals can help support a mindset of abundance and attract positive financial outcomes.

How often should I use crystals to attract money?

The frequency with which you use crystals for money manifestation is up to you. Some people incorporate them into their daily practice, while others use them only when they feel like they need extra support in this area. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

Can I use the same crystals for other manifestations as well?

Yes, many of the crystals that are effective for manifesting money can also be used to manifest other desires such as confidence, love, and success. It’s all about setting intentions and using the crystals as a tool to bring your desires into reality.